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Serving Kitsap and Pierce Counties  from our Gig Harbor Studio + Virtual Training & Consults Worldwide!

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We are science based…whether you seek basic manners/relationship building, help with a particular behavior issue (shy, bored or destructive pup?), or if you want to see just how amazing your dog can be with K9 Nose Work® Ann has the experience and cutting edge know how to help your dog excel.


These science-based behavioral offerings can range from an understanding of why dogs behave as they do and how to change undesirable behaviors.


We help modify unwanted behavior in dogs using science-based methods.


Private coaching is available at various locations around the area.


Whether you are in the Washington area – or anywhere else in the country – we can help with your dog's behavior issues!

sound dog connection

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Ann is an experienced and highly skilled certified science-based animal trainer and behavior consultant. She has extensive personal and professional experience in working with fearful and reactive dogs and serves as a certified Nose Work instructor highlighting the NACSW™ mission


What People Say

Ann with Craig Schultz

Ann was recently a guest presenter at the Canine Olfaction and Detection Science Conference in Miami, FL, sponsored by Florida International University. 

This conference was inspired by the text book: Canines: The Original Biosensors 1st Edition by Lauryn E. DeGreeff (Editor), Craig A. Schultz (Editor)

“On a personal note, Ann, it was a tremendous experience working with you on this piece. I walked away from this experience having learned much in the process. Thank you! I am very excited about this chapter. More so that the chapter in which I was the lead author. I think that there is much in this piece to be proud of.”

Craig Schultz
Forensic Canine Operations Specialist
FBI/Laboratory Division
Evidence Response Team Unit

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If I don’t follow my heart, will I have regrets?

That’s such a powerful question. None of us can be guaranteed an easy life or one without risk–no matter how much we may wish for safety and certainty.

And, knowing that, we’re faced with choices that require introspection:

  • What would you like to have happen?
  • And are you brave enough to go for it?

Ann Waterbury, CPDT-KA, UW-AAB, CNWI, CDBC, talks with Colleen Pelar, Resilience for Pet Professionals, about the transformation and living life without regrets. Her story is sure to spark ideas for you and bolster your courage to move forward.