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Serving Kitsap and Pierce Counties  from our Gig Harbor Studio + Virtual Training & Consults Worldwide!

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how dogs best learn and to show both
dog and guardian how to train for success.

Hi, I’m Ann Waterbury

I am committed to helping dogs and their humans to prevent or address problem behaviors using applied behavior analysis. My work sets learners up for success by creating a friendly and open environment. It is my intent that humans gain a deeper understanding of the what and why’s of their dog’s behavior. You could say, I train humans and dogs. My passion is to enhance the human dog bond by sharing my in-depth knowledge of canine behavior and treating all learners with respect and kindness.

Rusty and I enjoyed disc dog competitions, even qualifying for the USDDN worlds twice! 

In 2022 I contributed a chapter to  a text book titled Canines The Original Biosensors. This was an amazing experience, to take my knowledge of behavior analysis and ethology and share that with a new audience of scientist, operational handlers and academics. The publication of this text inspired a conference titled: Canine Science and Detection -Sci-Con at FIU campus in Miami FL. I was honored to present at this conference and interact and collaborate with fellow a chapter authors from academia along with applied settings. Definitely, a highlight of my professional; career. 

Ann Waterbury
Ann Speaking
Ann Waterbury

always learning

Education: Her educational background: BS degree from East Carolina University. Most recently Ann earned her certification in small animal acupressure (CSAAP) from North West School of Small Animal Massage.  

She also successfully completed the University of Washington’s certification in Applied Animal Behavior in 2017. She also earned her Certified Professional Dog Training designation through the CPDT and Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI) for Advanced Canine Behavioral Sciences; Living and Learning with Animals-The Fundamental Principles and Procedures for Teaching and Learning (foundation for my philosophy in behavior analysis) taught by her mentor, Susan G Friedman, Ph.D.  Professor emeritus, Utah State University; course work with the University of North Texas graduate school of behavior analysis and  Contemporary Animal Training intensive at Natural Encounters in Winter Haven, Florida also facilitated by Susan Friedman, Ph.D. 



NACSW™/K9 Nose Work®: Ann Earned her Certified Nose Work Instructor™ (CNWI) status in K9 Nose Work® in 2012. In K9 Nose Work® sessions dogs get to fine tune their scenting skills while burning mental and physical energy. This work has been incorporated into her approach with reactive and anxious dogs to help address the root cause of presenting issues. Ann joined the NACSW education team in 2016-2021, as the Education Coordinator. She was the lead within the continuing education system, approving events for consideration and designating CEU values for seminars and workshops. Her responsibilities included creating webinars and enhancing the content while building cohesion within the certified instructor program.

Ann has taught at regional K9 Nose Work camps and teaches workshops for other organizations coaching teams at all levels of the sport with their handling skills, foundation work, and skill building techniques. Ann and her first red border collie, Rusty competed in disc dog events for 6 years. They enjoyed distance events and freestyle. Ann served on the USDDN (United States Disc Dog National) steering committee with a focus on canine athlete safety. The highlight was qualifying for the world finals, twice. They also were competitive in Skyhoundz, UFO, and Quadruped events.

Ann has done multiple lectures for the Chi University in Reddick FL, these recorded lectures are for Veterinarians studying for their masters in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Ann is a dog-ibox speaker, offering webinars on dog behavior for trainers internationally. She has also provided webinars for the Education Division of the NACSW. Ann contributed a chapter on behavior for an upcoming text book for detection handlers. She also presents at conferences for various canine organizations.

In 2017, Ann sold her successful dog training and behavior business/facility in Florida to relocate to the Puget Sound area of Washington. She adores mountains, cool temperatures, and an active outdoor lifestyle with her dog. She has a red border collie, named Chai. Chai is from a breed rescue and he and Ann love to hike and enhance their nose work and training skills on their adventures.

Ann Waterbury and Susan Friedman
Ann with mentor Susan Friedman, PhD

Ann is also a contributor to the text book Canines: The Original Biosensors, to be released in 2022

Ann has teamed up with Heather Misener , DVM, CVAT, CCRT of Ruff Day Veterinary Acupuncture and Rehabilitation to create WAGSniffAScent an online & Interactive educational platform designed for the discerning dog parent



20+ years of personal and professional involvement including the most severe of reactive/fearful dogs


in depth working knowledge of applied behavior analysis and ethology. Multiple animal behavior certifications and credentials thru nationally recognized associations and universities


Significant history of positive recognition success as reported by clients including those who have experienced prior failure and referral sources


Individualized approach using science based methods.

watch & listen


(at work & Home)

If I don’t follow my heart, will I have regrets?

That’s such a powerful question. None of us can be guaranteed an easy life or one without risk–no matter how much we may wish for safety and certainty.

And, knowing that, we’re faced with choices that require introspection:

  • What would you like to have happen?
  • And are you brave enough to go for it?

Ann Waterbury, CPDT-KA, UW-AAB, CNWI, CDBC, talks with Colleen Pelar, Resilience for Pet Professionals, about the transformation and living life without regrets. Her story is sure to spark ideas for you and bolster your courage to move forward.