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Serving Kitsap and Pierce Counties + Virtual Training & Consults Worldwide!


Jasper is ridiculously smart, has lots of anxious energy, and, as a herder, needs a job. Nose work, and specifically Ann’s classes, were recommended to us as a way for him to focus his energy. We began on Zoom during pandemic lockdown and continued signing up for all the offered classes. Jasper LOVES nose work.…

Laura M

Simon is a three year old miniature Australian Shepherd.  He came to us at 8 weeks old.  Simon has some pretty extreme anxiety/fear issues.  We started to notice the issues around six months of age and they have progressively gotten worse as he’s gotten older.  We reached out to Ann for help as she was…

Tish Freeland Simon mini Australian Shepherd

We adopted Ziggy in April 2020 as a puppy. He came with a lot of issues., because of being a rescue, and they became more apparent as he grew older. We discovered Ann through the recommendation of our vet and started basic training, then quickly added in nose work. Ziggy’s confidence in himself (and in…

Kelli & Ziggy Ziggy Great Pyrenees Mix

When we contacted Ann we were so overwhelmed by our labradoodle puppy. She helped us understand him and what he needed. After 2 zoom sessions things got so much better! She has been an email or call away when we had questions. I don’t know what we would have done without her.

Rhonda Axel Labradoodle

Ann has helped me work with my high drive dog, Z. I can’t believe after 2 sessions we have so many tools we can use to maintain his focus or use his energy positively. She has helped us build a positive relationship between our 1.5 year old Miniature Schnauzer and our 8 month old Giant…

Madeline and Z Z Giant Schnauzer

We added a visit with Ann to our Washington trip and are now working with her remotely because she is so knowledgeable about animal behavior. She has been extremely helpful with our reactive dog, Lark, who is reactive and difficult to manage around other dogs and strangers. Ann helps me get to the root of…

Cathy S Lark Dobie